Frog On Top Studios has been in internet and media development for the past thirteen years. During that time we have enjoyed helping shape and advance the world of online media. FOT offers a wide variety of professional services, which are viewable here.

With clients from the Forbes prestigious “Fortune 500” list, we have become very successful developers and have produced a wide variety of mediums including film, Web, television, kiosk and gaming. Some of our more prestigious clients include General Motors, BF Goodrich, Autodesk, Alaska Airlines, LAX and Hollywood celebrities, such as Sean Patrick Flannery, Vin Diesel and Lalo Schifrin.

It was in 2010 we realized that designing and developing outstanding websites was no longer enough. With dozens of new ways to connect with people, more and more clients required online social media presence. So it was a simple, natural evolution that after thirteen years of building a solid reputation with our creative and effective designs, to now help our clients standout in an ever changing and growing social environment.