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The recent explosion of social media onto the business scene; allows business’, for the first time, to reach an unprecedented amount of potential customers in seconds to a vast audience without expensive advertising. But with so many different social media platforms springing up every day, the task of getting your name out there can be a daunting one. So what do you do, where do you start? As with most decisions we make in life, it’s sometimes best to get a second opinion. You might love your website, but others might not. And if the goal is to sell a product or service, then what others think and how they interact with your site is the priority. Hurts the ego, but the pain will fade as your site traffic grows. That said, you need your site properly, and professionally scrutinized. Why jump without checking the parachute, right. Right?



Website Audit & Recommendations In most cases it makes sense to start with a site audit. Overlaying good work on top of bad is a mistake. There are always opportunities to improve site structure, site navigation, keyword strategies and tactics. Once a site is well-optimized, every marketing dollar spent from that day forward produces greater ROI results. Our website audit includes a link analysis, a competitive assessment, keyword development and web effectiveness. From here, we are able to determine what social media platforms will best serve you.


Pick 3 We pick 3 of the most popular and effective social media platforms and tailor them to your needs. Need more than 3? Call us @ 818.693.2031 and we’ll get you sorted.

  • Set up custom welcome tab that highlights the entire brand with links to the website
  • Set up 2 additional tabs, portfolio and services with links to website
  • Link the Facebook page to twitter account
  • Set up a Facebook tab that highlights your Pinterest account
  • Customize the page to reflect the brand across the varied platforms
  • Set keyword optimization for SEO purposes and link twitter to Facebook.
  • Significantly increase Twitter followers
  • Instagram/Pintrest/Google+/LinkedIn/YouTube/FourSquare
  • Set up a business page(s)
  • Create boards. Highlight portfolio and pictures that represent the brand best.


Social Media Maintenance So all that hard work and money to get your name out there. Now what? Our maintenance package will ensure that all your branding efforts will not be in vain. We will relentlessly monitor your site(s) making sure traffic flow is stable whilst constantly keeping your customers/clients and fans engaged.

  • Daily, strategic posting on Facebook and Twitter
  • Network on all sites, engaging with relevant people, groups, and companies
  • Monitor all sites for spam and negative comments and reply accordingly
  • Monitor and respond to all likes, comments, @reply’s and direct messages from all sites
  • Produce/Increase fans for the Facebook page
  • Significantly increase followers for Twitter account
  • Create customized albums for each Brand on Facebook and Pinterest
  • pin and repin photos on Pinterest as well as add followers every month
  • retweet and comment on twitter followers and fans