WordPress Development

Sick of having to reach out to a web developer every time you want to change the copy on your website? Annoyed with your current CMS? Let us help! WordPress (WP) is an absolutely incredible alternative to paying thousands upon thousands of dollars on a custom, Content Management System (CMS). The reason of course is that most of the functions you can think of have already been developed by one of many, many WP editors. One of the many benefits of WordPress is, they are constantly updating and upgrading their themes, codes, and security. Like with everything – what’s new becomes old, (design aside) WP let’s you stay current.Most people have reservations about using WordPress and that’s because of its association with “blogs.” The fact is, WordPress can be anything you want it to be. They offer the framework and we at Frog On Top Studios (FOTS) bend it and shape it until you get what you want; a custom, original and effective website, all without the heavy cost.

What Is WordPress? Who uses WordPress?
  • Update your own website
  • Massive user community
  • Search engine friendly CMS
  • Business websites
  • News & blog websites
  • e-commerce applications

With over 18 million sites currently using it’s framework and growing, WordPress is the largest content management system currently in use. It has the largest community of users and contributors of any CMS in existence. Here are just a few of the bigger companies that use WP:

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Our team can help you create a WordPress site that suits your unique vision and needs. Whether you need custom WordPress web design or you want to work with a pre-existing template, we are here to help realize your online goals. Our team will help you go through every detail to create an effective site.

Is Your Site Responsive?

Responsive Theme is a flexible foundation with fluid grid system that adapts your website to mobile devices and the desktop or any other viewing environment. For more, here is an awesome article that explains, in-depth what a responsive site is, and if it’s necessary. (hint: yes, it is.)

Below is an example of a responsive website as viewed by a desktop user:

Responsive WordPress Website

Now look at the same website viewed on a three different mobile devices.  The same content, just resized or repositioned to increase usability and enhance the visitor experience.  These are not separate websites or mobile plugins.  The website is simply adapting to the device:
Responsive Theme Example

At Frog On Top, we handle all of the back-end WordPress development that goes into creating a fast, bug-free website. Once we hand the site over to you, we’ll show you how to use it. You’ll now have the ability to add/modify and delete content throughout the website. This may include: adding new pages, videos, images, links and so much more. Most of the programming also includes the ability to turn your website into a responsive site, perfectly viewable from all smart phones and tablets.

With our WordPress development services, your website’s functionality will exceed your goals while presenting an intuitive experience for your customers.

WordPress is flexible, light and mobile. Everything has it’s benefits and with WP it is time and cost. And these days, what better benefit is there? Click here to view our full portfolio of WordPress sites.